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Pet Insurance - New Career Remuneration

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Jessica Parsons, an intensive nursing nurse in Indianapolis, hardly thought about pet insurance.

But when Indiana University, where she worked, offered this as part of the company's annual subsidy package a few years ago, she signed up, and the $ 40 monthly premium automatically moved from her account.

It Worth Her Money

As soon as she bought insurance, her yellow 2-year-old dog Charlie, trapped under a tractor on the farm and broke his back and tail. After that, the dog's hind legs cannot move and have blood in the urine.

At Purdue University Veterinary Hospital, Charlie has undergone surgery to stabilize his spine and another surgery to remove kidney which is severely damaged. Nationwide Pet Insurance Company, has paid most of the $ 14,000 to the hospital.

Charlie has recovered well. Sharing her experience in buying pet insurance, Jessica Parsons said: "Compared to human insurance, I find it more comfortable."

Trend Of The Times

The purchase of Jessica Parsons' pet insurance is part of the fast-growing veterinary industry trend: subsidy programs sponsored by employers for cats or dogs (even lizards or pigs) against accidents and illnesses.

About 5,000 companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Xerox, and Hewlett-Packard, are currently offering part or all of the pet insurance costs to attract talent as well as increase the affection between people and pets.

Dr. Carol McConnell, the Nationwide's veterinary director - America's largest pet insurance company said: "That is one aspect of the rapidly growing insurance industry. It is found that this insurance is more reliable if the owner has ever had to bring his pet to a vet".

Virtually all veterinary drugs are expensive, so pet owners are increasingly worried about whether they have enough money to take care of them. The American Veterinary Products Association estimates Americans will spend nearly $ 70 billion on pets in 2017, with nearly a quarter devoted to veterinary care.

Pets will be examined fully and carefully

Pets undergo advanced imaging tests such as CT scans and M.R.I. Scans to diagnose health problems.

And they will get a replaced valve for their sick heart, chemotherapy to fight many cancers, surgery to spit out bad teeth, and even transplant kidney damage.

"Pet insurance is a beneficial change for many owners," said Dr. Tracey Jensen, a veterinarian in Wellington, Colombia and former President of the American Animal Hospital Association. “People today give a lot of importance to pets. They are family members, and their owners don't want to give up care."

But until now, only a small proportion of American owners have pet insurance. Industry estimates show that between 1 and 2% of nearly 90 million dogs and more than 94 million cats are insured. However, pet insurance companies, on the other hand, have increased from a company in 1982 to 11 companies today.

Increase to 60%

Chris Middleton, President of Pet Best Pet Insurance Company in Boise, Idaho, said there was definitely an increase in the number of covered animals.

He said that since 2013, this 11-year-old company has 60% more employers looking for pet insurance for their workers. However, many people have difficulty paying monthly premiums.

Like human health insurance, pet insurance also has a series of optional insurance packages that make people dizzy.

Pet insurance rate increases

Basic insurance package for some diseases and accidents costs 20USD / month or less. Also, there are more comprehensive care policies including annual health care, immunizations, blood tests and a range of treatments that cost about $ 63 a month.

Normally, the cost for cats is usually lower than for dogs. Many pet insurance companies require more for breeds risk of getting sick, like cancer or heart disease. A big dog, like a Danish dog, will pay more for insurance than a small dog like Chihuahua.

Dr. Christopher Gray, director of the University of Michigan Veterinary Health Center in East Lansing, said: "Most pet insurance is primarily for injury and illness, not health."

He did not buy insurance for his two dogs and two cats. His advice is to see deductions, co-payments, and lifelong pet insurance policies or end at a certain age.

With the current development trend, pet insurance will definitely grow more in the future. Hope you find this article useful and have a great time with us!

Further notes

Bear in mind that not every pet insurance agency is licensed to sell the pet insurance in any state.
Thus, by the time you decide to purchase a pet insurance plan, ensure the company to sell plans right in your state and in any certain state you can think of visiting, and that the coverage would be the same in that new state.

Also, bear in mind that when you must change pet insurance agencies, then certain medical conditions your pet suffered under the previous agency might be considered preceding by the new company.