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Meta description: Believe us, we – as Americans, have the worst dental insurance ever. You don’t know why? Keep reading our article to know why.


Frankly speaking, all Americans have to purchase dental insurance which covers only a few service sections at a high price, especially for dental insurance. Normally, dental insurance may cost you a lot as it is considered one of the most expensive insurances.

There is a saying that “You will get what you pay for.” However, this saying has failed when applying in this case. As we pay a fortune for dental insurance, but we only receive a few.

“Americans have the worst dental insurance ever” – In our point of view, this statement is 100% right. Below is our explanation. Please check it out to know how unfortunate we are.

America – A developed country with the worst dental insurance

There are several reasons making America become a developed country having the worst dental insurance. Keep reading to know what they are.

According to Wendell Potter’s 2013 survey, nearly 36 percent of Americans delay their dental health check mainly because of the high cost of dental services.

American insurance costs a fortune

All underprivileged Americans have a tendency of visiting their dentists when they are in an emergency. Otherwise, they better off staying at home and applying several home remedies to cure themselves.

Additionally, dental insurance only covers a limited selection of dental disease. Frankly speaking, dental service fees are always a permanent and main consideration of all patients.

In numerous cases, patients end up searching for dental services in the emergency room and have to pay at approximately 10 times compared to preventive care’s cost.

When jotting down this article, we have already read tons of researches, articles, and surveys. And all information and figures from the documents left us a great shock.

Based on the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly ¼ of old Americans (65 and above) have lost their teeth. Even though poor dental health leads to numerous serious diseases such as diabetes, 1/3 of them have untreated tooth decay.

Notably, the federal program which tends to keep seniors healthy hasn’t included fillings, exams, teeth cleanings or dental X-rays.

Dentist visiting becomes a luxury thing for people living in remote areas

Nearly 8,000 American inhabitants die because of pharyngeal and oral cancers every year, most of them are the elder. However, the problem hasn’t stopped here. Children from underprivileged families are likely to have tooth decay.

According to the ADA Health Policy Resources Center (ADA HPRC), the total quantity of dental-related ER visits in 2010 is 2.1 million. Plus, the total cost of the health system is approximately $2.1 billion.

What shocked us most is that there are about 50 million Americans living in remote areas with few dentists or even none at all.

It is normal when seeing thousands of people lining up and waiting in the heavy rain for several hours to get medical care in animal stalls and barns on a Virginia fairground. Most of them were looking for dentists, not doctors.

Some patients drove from Wisconsin and Florida just to get dental care as they couldn’t find any dental office at their hometown or afford back home.

According to the recent estimation, there are approximately 130 million American citizens who live without dental insurance. Surprisingly, there are a great number of citizens don’t know how much dental procedures cost.

Buying dental insurance protects you and your family against undesired illnesses.

Based on the Bureau of Labor statistics, the fees for dental services have increased significantly from 2008 to 2012. Moreover, the cost of dental care is far expensive than the cost of medical care.

However, the annual spending caps remain stuck, ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

Apart from high price and low density of dentists in remote areas, dental insurance just offers a few service sections. Insurers tend to not cover the second root canal, crown, and restoration.

With premium medical insurance, you probably get more than what you pay for, especially when you are suffering serious medical problems. Sadly, it doesn’t apply for dental insurance.

When using dental insurance premiums, you may need to pay more, especially when you get back as you need serious dental work.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that dental health plays a highly important role in our life. If you don’t take care of your dental health, it may lead to some undesired diseases which even cost you more than dental insurance.

Even though we know that our dental insurance isn’t good, we are the only one who can protect ourselves. Don’t wait for our government or any organization, company to save us.

In case you earn a bare living, spending your money to buy insurance is much more useful than buying beer or film ticket.

Plus, investing in excellent insurance which covers full coverage will be a lucid decision. Before making a purchase, you should read about the coverage ability, waiting periods, annual maximums, procedure fees, applied conditions carefully to take full advantage of the insurance.

Finally, yet importantly, thank you for reading our article. Don’t forget to comment down below if there is anything unclear. I’ll answer as fast as possible. Love you to the moon and back. Piece!