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It is obvious that insurance companies always try to fill your head with “insurance mindset.” After taking a long time and effort to run marketing campaigns, educate consumers about insurance through dentists, insurers have been successful in creating insurance mindset in its customers’ mind.

The Quality dental plan is a local dental membership program
Insurance comes in a wide selection of types, cost, coverage, etc. Among popular insurances, dental insurance seems to be the most expensive one, especially for Americans. That is the reason why insurers boost the dental insurance business frequently.

When taking a dentist visiting, patients tend to treat based on the insurance they got. And the saying “Just do what the insurance pay for” has become popular thinking of all patients. This is the reason why dental offices switch to offer in-office dental savings plans.

For those who don’t know, an in-office dental savings plan is a common tactic to push back the wield influence created by insurance companies.

How to break out of your dental insurance mindset

The high cost is the 1st reason why patients don’t visit the dentist and apply treatment

The dental saving plan is similar to the Costco membership. In fact, numerous people are willing to pay a membership fee to access to perceived savings.

Simply because the membership fee is lesser than traditional insurance’s cost, patients could easily access to a year’s worth of preventive care at an affordable cost.

In this way, patients think that they are able to save a lot of money when being a member of Costco.
Dental savings program comes in a variety of procedures, waiting periods, coverage, annual maximum.

Let take the Quality Dental Plan as an example. Participating fees for patients aren’t set by a third party’s preset free schedule, but the office. There are no EOBs, claims or any sort of third party intervention with treatment decisions.

As patients will pay a fee to the office directly, waiting for reimbursement checks isn’t needed. The plans are generally offered directly and locally by the dental office.

The practice can earn an additional revenue stream from the in-office savings plans managed by the practice

It is a win-win situation when the practice can provide patients exactly what they need: a dental care and a dental savings plan which fit patients’ pocket. Just put an in-office dental plan controlled by the practice, it can gain huge additional revenue.

OPT-in members providing the Quality Dental Plan (QDP) dental savings plan has attracted a great number of new patients and risen revenues. 40-50% patients who don’t have any dental insurance, benefit are willing to purchase it.

If you take time to learn about dental savings plans, you’ll see how great it is to both patients and the practice.

 An OPT-In dental advantage offering a Quality dental plan (QDP)

Opt-In Dental and QDP Advantage

At the moment, there are a considerable number of insurance agents executing the Opt-In Dental Advantage such as AON, APEX, Edge Partnerships, Heraeus Kulzer, etc. Each company runs a different insurance policy.

Based on our own experience, the QDP and OPT-In Dental Advantage is a method offering the greatest benefit for consumers.

QDP and OPT-In Dental Advantage have been cooperating together to give out the best insurance policies to compete for other types of dental insurance. OPT-In educates purchasers on why private practice dental care is a good pick.

Along with limiting claim denials and painful down coding, QPD has been partnering with OPT-In dental Advantage to direct new customers to their members.

At the same time, QDP supports practices grow by magnetizing patients who have a strong demand for a dental plan, maintaining the tight relationship between dentists and patients and being less insurance dependent.

QDP allows their member to completely control dental benefits which reduce administrative costs, offers patients no cap on services, no extra charges, no on-going monthly premiums and no hidden fees.

Dental care is always a big concern of all patients

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