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Beam Technologies and dental insurance- a perfect link

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There is a fact that on average, most Americans don’t brush teeth for the full two minutes suggested by dentists. Additionally, their other brushing habits need to be improved.

On the other side, more than one-third of Americans don’t get the dental health coverage, which can be a risk for their body part responsible for chewing, talking, biting, and more.

And Alex Frommeyer, a co-founder and also CEO of Beam, says this issue is as an ideal opportunity for the presence of Beam Dental and smart toothbrushes.

Particularly, they would bring you a smart toothbrush and then use certain data for supporting your dental insurance.

“Smart” toothbrush can connect to the Internet
The idea here is to establish a leaner insurance company that uses technology and certain data from the smart toothbrushes.

This company also supplies policyholders with essentials to keep the teeth in top shape. Now, read up on to discover more about this technology:

What is Beam Technologies?

This is a Columbus, Ohio start-up that introduced the fascinating IoT-based toothbrush some years ago.

Again, it has launched a new dental insurance product. This type will leverage technology and certain data from the toothbrush.

In this way, it is expected to transform the current dental insurance market by developing an insurance plan which includes giving the smart brushes to users to get better data and helps to keep premiums more reasonable.

Why dental insurance?

According to this company, over 100 million older Americans have no dental insurance, as it is usually supposed to be a benefit reserved for only the employed.

It also points out how the Affordable Care Act rarely addresses oral hygiene, which adds more functions to its latest initiative.

Your dental insurance will be well-supported 
Supplying insurance has always been an essential part of Beam’s plans because they can see the lack of innovation in the dental insurance aspect.

And it also aims to reinvent how the current market works with the new group dental insurance.

How does this work?

The smart toothbrush can connect to the user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices via Bluetooth.

And like other electric products, this type is battery-operated, has buzzes and auto-shutoff features to alert users when it’s time to move from your teeth’s back to the front.

This smart toothbrush version of Beam will completely track all stats of the user’s oral hygiene and uses that data to support user’s dental insurance plan.

Especially, this technology will send you notices as well as encouragement when your current brushing habits are totally falling short. This benefit will bring users improved dental hygiene or even reduced premiums.

Moreover, the soon-coming software update will provide users with helpful advice about how to brush better, based on their pressure as well as the duration of brushing.

Even more, when signing up for Beam Perks, you will receive replacement heads, toothpaste, and floss provided every three months.

What are its benefits?

With this amazing plan, your fillings and x-rays will be covered, and you will receive coverage for orthodontia and have floss as well as toothpaste delivered to your door as well.

In case of heading out on a business trip and leaving the toothbrush at home, you will not get charged more for skipping some days.

Alternatively, the connected device and its accompanying app will promote your better brushing habits with the help of over 100,000 dentists in its network.

This technology allows you to get better brushing experience
 Obviously, the plan helps customers by encouraging them to go to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. This idea actually helps to build healthier dental habits.

Besides, Beam occasionally asks users some necessary questions via the app to support them well. For example, if users have sensitive teeth, the company will offer a different toothpaste so users can brush more comfortably.

In addition, the app also offers feedback about where customers can do a better job. Also, the system can compare the brushing habits of a family and rewards members who do the best.

How much does it cost?

This battery-powered toothbrush of Beam costs $49 at first. You can download the Beam accompanying app, and a sensor on the toothbrush will send data to this app via Bluetooth radio.

The toothbrush product can evaluate how long you brush, and the software update will soon be capable of telling customers where they spent the most time brushing or the pressure used.

What is its meaning?

According to Frommeyer, customers don’t have privacy concerns when using this technology.

Presumably, the company will keep users’ stats anonymous, so the dentist will have no idea if the claim that your three-times-a-day brushing is turning his or her office into a house of lies.

After all, it can be risky when building a dental insurance company with $49 connected toothbrush. However, the potential power of connected devices isn’t the connectivity. That’s the new business model they can help build.

When it comes to innovating in the emerging of the Internet of things world, Beam’s dental plan is actually a step in the right way.


Like many other startups, Beam has actually focused on supplying the best user experiences to mobile users, which can make them soon ahead of the incumbent insurance giants.

Now, don’t hesitate to own its smart product to experience more benefits linked to your dental insurance.