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It is obvious that straight, white teeth and stunning smiles will light up a person’s face. There is a Vietnamese saying that “Hair and teeth are human’s root.” This saying somehow stresses the important role of your appearance, especially your teeth.

A doctor is carefully checking a patient’s teeth
Of course, beauty doesn’t come easily, even beauty pageants or models. In order to have an attractive smile, you have to take care of your teeth daily and see the dentist frequently.

If you are unluckily suffering coral teeth and have a strong demand on seeing dentists periodically and applying braces, then dental insurance covering braces will help you save a lot of money.

Currently, there are several types of insurance that include braces. Please take a look at our post to know how to find them.

How to find dental insurance covering braces for adults

Finding dental insurance which covers braces for adults is a challenging task. However, several types of dental plans below could make your wish come true. Take a look to know which one suit you best.

Individual dental insurance

Today, more and more insurers offer individual dental plans. However, not all these plans include orthodontia coverage; only a few plans offer for adults.

On the other hand, let’s take Delta Care USA PAA48 as an example for individual dental insurance. This plan covers orthodontic cares for adults.

The annual premium is about $105. In 24 months, your total expense for orthodontic treatment is approximately $2,500 which is 50% less than the average treatment fee.

Furthermore, you have to choose an orthodontist who has signed with Delta Dental to approve this reduction.

When it comes to individual dental insurance, claim forms, deductibles, maximums aren’t needed. However, you still have to read the plan’s limitations carefully before making a purchase.

Discount plans

Discount plans or so-called dental saving plans aren’t dental insurances. However, they allow you to buy dental services at affordable prices.

Discount plans have gradually become popular since it started as these plans offer significant discounts in a certain dentist network. In addition, most of them provide good price reductions on cosmetic procedures and adult orthodontia.

Let take Careington Care 500 Plan as an example; it is saving plan which offers 20% off of the dentist visit’s regular fee for orthodontia. In order to join this insurance plan, one member needs to pay $30 for a non-refundable processing fee and $75 for an annual fee.

Discount plans are the lucid choice for those who have dental insurances which don’t offer orthodontic treatment or have already reached your plan’s lifetime maximum payout.

Employer-Sponsored dental insurance

Dental insurance is normally a part of a worker’s health care package which allows him/her to decide on the insurance plan and coverage’s level.

However, not all insurances cover orthodontic treatment as it is pricey. And orthodontic treatment is usually applied to under-18-year-old children.

Luckily, today, employers could choose plans which include orthodontic treatments for adults.

In case you don’t know whether your company provides insurances with full coverage or not, don’t hesitate to ask your human resources department. If they said yes, don’t forget to ask about vital factors such as waiting periods, annual or lifetime maximums.

Purchasing your braces coverage

When it comes to choosing a right dental insurance plan, don’t forget to make a list of several options you like, make a comparison, ask your friends who’ve already bought a plan, read the review carefully and ask your dentist.

A patient applies ceramic braces

In the current market, dental plans vary from annual costs, waiting period, procedure, procedure’s fees, plan limitations, discounts or copayments.

Each dental plan has its pros and cons. And actually, there is no “good” or “bad” plan, but it’s all about appropriate or not.

Most insurance plans provide a certain dentist network. In case you have your favored dentist, call him/her to know which network he/she is in. When you find out a plan which meets your requirements and needs, don’t hesitate to ask your orthodontist if he/she wants to join the program.

If you don’t know where to find out useful information about dental plan list, please check out the database called Dental Plans – it represents approximately 40 discount plans. It will help you shorten your pick and make comparison easier.

Furthermore, The National Association of Dental Plans is also a great marketplace to search for all types of program: individual, group and discount.


In conclusion, there are 3 ways to purchase insurances which include braces: discount plans, employer-sponsored and individual dental insurance.

Each type of insurance has its own pros and cons. Remember to consider all the options and your situation to make the best lucid decision.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you could grasp a basic understanding about insurances, especially insurances that cover braces. If there is something unclear, please comment down below. I would highly appreciate and will respond as soon as possible.

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