Meta description: Recently, nearly 33,000 people have already enrolled in Covered California’s new adult dental insurance on the Covered California marketplace.


Dental fees are in top highest health check fees. As a result, dental insurance is always in high demand. However, health insurances for adults tend to not cover dental care.
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Recently, a big event that all California adults are waiting for has just happened – Covered California’s new adult dental insurance launching. Thanks to this new dental insurance for adults, all people could save a lot of money.

Let’s take a look to see what happened in the Covered California marketplace recently.

Enroll in California’s dental insurance

On this Wednesday, thousands of California adults happily gathered together at the state’s Obamacare marketplace to sign up for dental insurance launched for the first time ever by Covered California.

According to Dr. Ariane Terlet - a talented and well-known dentist of the California Dental Association, this new adult dental insurance will play an important role in protecting and improving citizens’ health.

As you know, dental health is really important. When your dental health gets bad, it will affect tremendously our overall health as well and create undesired diseases.

In addition, insurances for employees rarely cover dental care or cover only a few sections that have cheap fees. Hence, this new adult dental insurance has delivered a big WOW and overwhelmingly happiness to all California inhabitants.

Approximately 33,000 residents signed up for this awesome dental plan, including nearly 6,000 people who enrolled in health insurance for the first time. This somehow proves the great pervasion of this meaningful event.

For children, dental coverage is a vital benefit under the Affordable Care Act. It always covers dental insurance. However, it doesn’t apply to adults. Now, the nation’s state-run health exchanges offer separate dental insurance serving adults and dental coverage.

According to Jeff Album – a Delta Dental executive, Covered California is the second state-run exchanges offering dental coverage for adults.

Peter Lee – Covered California’s executive director said that: In California, adults have to buy a health plan on Covered California to be capable of purchasing an “add-on” dental care, and they’ll pay a fee called monthly premiums which is worth $11-$65.

These dental plans are optional; insurance purchasers won’t suffer a tax penalty if they don’t enroll.
The Open enrollment of Covered California dental and health plans will last 3 months, from Nov.1 to Jan.31. As a result, people who enroll in Dec.15 are able to receive their benefits from Jan.1.

Based on the latest figures, 34,000 new insurance purchasers had chosen a health insurance plan through the exchange since this event started.

Before starting the enrollment, approximately 1.3 million California inhabitants, including nearly 66,000 people who are under 18, already had a health insurance plan through the exchange.

Covered California

Currently, there are 5 insurers providing dental plans on Covered California. They are all prestigious, trust-worthy and popular insurance agents in California:

  • Access Dental Plan
  • Premier Access
  • Delta Dental of California
  • Anthem Blue Cross of California
  • Dental Health Services

According to the Delta Dental for California, among 33,000 people took part in this event, 23,000 has signed up.

All of the insurance plans will provide free diagnostic and preventive dental care for both children and adults. Insurance purchasers are able to choose from dental health maintenance organizations which normally cost less or dental preferred provider organizations.

Notably, dental preferred provider organizations or dental health maintenance organization have their pros and cons.

While dental health maintenance organizations have very restricted dentist network, dental preferred provider organizations offer a wide range of choice but out-of-pocket costs.

An important note to parents: Parents don’t have to sign up your kids in a family dental plan as children’s dental coverage has already covered their health plan. A couple of parents opt for enrolling to gain extra coverage.

According to Dr. Ariane Terlet – a Berkeley dentist serving as the Oakland-based La Clinica de la Raza’s chief dental and the California Dental Association’s trustee said that citizens without dental insurance plans are 4 times more likely not receive preventive care.

A great number of California inhabitants found it challenging to purchase dental coverage on the individual market. In addition, the new availability of dental plans of Covered California expands access to greater care.

Terlet added: “There isn’t a week that goes by where people don’t ask me what dental coverage is available for individuals.” He said that having insurance, especially dental insurance for an adult is a big step to boosting dental care. This is going to support a lot of people improve their health.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, dental insurance plays a significant role in each individual’s life. If you intend to buy health insurance, make sure to choose insurance covering dental insurance. The new insurance plan of Covered California is also a great pick for those who have health insurance with less dental coverage.

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