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Is Dental Insurance Worth It? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Meta Description: Have you ever wonder if the actual value of dental insurance is worth the investment? This article will give you the exact answer through proper research.


Your employer pays for the dental insurance every year. At first, the plans seem convenient: you can get full coverage for the treatment, and the services are high-quality.

But after some time, you calculate the total expenses for dental care and realize that the actual number goes far beyond the limits. And this still happens in the situation where your annual coverage has an unused budget, because the insurance doesn’t cover some types of services.

So, it raises the question: is dental insurance worth it? In fact, this question has become the current concern of both dentists and consumers from all over the country.

To give you the exact answer, this article will weigh the benefits, provide the dentists’ opinions and details on the research from trusting organizations.

Is dental insurance really worth your investment?

How Can You Get Dental Insurance?

First of all, let’s talk about the methods you can use to get dental insurance.

You can get this through the work contract terms that you’ve signed with your employer. Dental insurance and other health plans have become a common part of a benefits package managed by large companies. A recent report from 2017 has shown that around two-thirds of Americans have dental insurance.
Now if you’re an independent worker who doesn’t have an employment contract, you can get dental insurance by connecting with the insurance provider. There are new providers coming to the market every day.

The rate can vary from one region to another. Paying for your own insurance can be a bit more expensive without the employer. On the contrary, you can choose any type of plans that you can make good use of.

Understand The Different Types Of Dental Plans

The next part is to help you learn more about the dental plan that you have before getting to know the respective views on dental insurance. Here’s a breakdown of the four types of dental plans available by providers.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPOs)

This is the most common type of plan used by employers. It can cover a number of services depends on how the provider organizes the plan.

A DPPO manages a group of dentists who have made an agreement with the dental insurance provider to join the network. The dentists can be from different regions. They will receive a certain fee for working with patients who sign up for the insurance.

This means that if you have a DPPO, but you go to a dentist who isn’t in the network, you will have to pay extra costs.

You can have the DPPO plans once you've signed the work contract

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Similar to the DPPO, the DHMO manages a network of dentists. The major difference is that even if you don’t go the dentist appointment regularly or you don’t have any type of treatment in a year, the network dentists still get paid with a monthly set fee.

The DHMO can cover most of the treatment, including emergency cases, but there are services that require you to pay for a certain percentage.

Discount or Referral Dental Plans

This type of plan doesn’t work entirely like dental insurance, but it can still give you great help when it comes to saving a lot of money.

The company will introduce the discount or referral plan that they have to dentists. Once the dentists have agreed to the terms and signed the contract, the patients who have registered to the plan will get a reduction when they pay for the services.

Discounts will work with all services, including the cosmetic types. The plans don’t pay for everything like the insurance. They will only pay for most parts of the services, and the other parts depend completely on you.

What Dentists Think About Dental Insurance

Now, let’s dive into the reality of using dental insurance plans.

Contradict to the popular belief that dental insurance is widely used once the person has obtained it, a 2016 study by the Health Policy Institute (HPI), which is part of the American Dental Association (ADA), have pointed out that adults from the age of 19 to 34 don’t use their coverage at all.

The same research has also collected another important factor. As mentioned in the DPPO plans, the network dentists get a different pay rate. This rate is significantly lower than the average rate, which leads to conflicts between the Insurance Market Fee vs. Actual Fee.

But an interesting finding of the research is that although the 19 to 34 group don’t use the insurance coverage, the total amount they paid for dental care in the same year is remarkably high.

This leads to the conclusion that the dental services that everyone actually needs don’t get any support in payment from the insurance carrier.

Everyone's actually paying extra costs because dental insurance doesn't cover everything

According to another 2016 research by Dr. Marko Vujicic, who is also from the HPI, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) doesn’t prioritize both dental insurance for children and adults.

This idea is supported by the fact that the ACA doesn’t provide enough coverage to reduce the expensive budget that adults have to take care of.

Plus, there are no compulsory policies to make adult dental benefits mandatory in Medicaid. This works the same way for adults who are independent workers that purchase health insurance through the marketplace.

To sum up his research, Dr. Vujicic said that in reality, the dental insurance doesn’t meet the definition of actual insurance at all.


Overall, the final answer to the question if dental insurance is worth it is a big no. Using discount plans is one way you can have high-quality services and avoid registering for dental insurance plans that may not help you at all.